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Monday, 13 July 2009

Beckham and Donovan to kiss and make up

David Beckham has issued a rebuttal to Landon Donovan's complaints citing his professional record with some of the worlds very best football clubs as evidence of his attitude to the sport. In return Donovan has admitted that it was ill-advised of him to make his comments without first talking to David. Both men have said that they will talk and clear the air before Beckham takes the field for the first time this year in the MLS.
Honestly, this is the best solution to the problem and I for one am glad that both men want the chance to meet face to face and iron out their differences before taking to the field in earnest for their club. Donovan has a point that I think is explained by Bruce Arena coming in for Ruud Gullit, I think that was the catalyst that placed a distance between Beckham and The Galaxy, and made him look about for a possible escape...
Beckham also has a point that any problem Donovan had should have been discussed with Beckham face to face initially, especially as Donovan carries the responsibility of captaining the Los Angeles club. He also may have a point that conditions of his contract were not being met if indeed Gullit was bought in as part of a deal with Beckham, and he also has a point that Donovan himself has shown a lack of commitment by trying his hand (or at least his left foot) in Europe himself in the off-season.

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