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Monday, 20 July 2009

Galaxy 2 AC Milan 2

Beckham's 'Homecoming' left little to be desired on the pitch, but plenty to be desired on the terraces. The football always takes precedence on this blog, so we will address that first...
The Galaxy started at pace and quickly began to pile on the pressure which is probably the best way to attack a Milan side that like to slowly take control of a game (albeit a new team that is in preparation for a new season).
Despite the pressure, it was Milan that scored first as Thiago Silva headed home a free kick. The Galaxy struck back within 15 minutes via a long searching pass from Beckham to Donovan, Donovan put the ball in for Alan Gordon to score bringing the score level at 1-1. The first half ended level and a surprising scene manifested itself as the players left the pitch and Beckham took exception to something yelled from the sector of the Galaxy supporters who had been most vocally anti-Beckham. A short exchange took place the details of which may emerge later, but the upshot was that the supporter was arrested as he leaped over the barriers to confront Beckham. We are left pondering whether things would have been best left alone, but until you are personally subjected to abuse from unrestrained idiots, it is difficult to say how you would react yourself - everyone has a point at which they lose their cool. It was noticeable how the dissenting sector of the crowd had calmed down somewhat for the second half, and hopefully that indicates that most people had worked through their issues in that first 45 minutes where Beckham showed his considerable value to this LA team.
The game resumed and it took Milan about 15 minutes to regain the lead through Inzaghi, but it only took The Galaxy another four minutes to equalise via a Beckham corner and a header from Bryan Jordan. Beckham left the field another 1o minutes later having proved a definite point turning provider for both LA goals and several unconverted chances - The score remained at 2-2 at the cessation of play, an honourable draw and a great result for The Galaxy. Hopefully, recent results show that The Galaxy have turned a corner and will be able to bring home some results in the next few weeks. Hopefully they will also be able to rely on their fans to get behind the team as they enjoy what may prove to be the most successful run of results of the season.

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