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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

New Spot The Ball competition

Spot the ball has been a game that has had families crowding around the sports pages of our newspapers for generations, and now that experience is available online. Not only can you win a car in this new online game, you can win luxury gadgets and get to pit your wits against professional Football Association referees such as Vic Callow and Dermot Gallagher.
This new site ‘Spotit’ is blowing the whistle on other sites that sell your contact details or accept entries that equate to over 600% of the value of the prizes on offer. Spotit is vowing to offer transparency by publicising the number of entries and having limited-entry competitions that give the competitor a better chance of winning.

All entries in the spot the ball competition are judged by real live Football Association referees, your spot must match their spot in order to win the top prize in the car competition.
The Spotit site has other competitions on offer to win cash prize, win mega gadgets and luxury gadgets – one recent winner won tickets to the British Formula One Grand Prix. Weekend breaks and Shopping spree prizes are also on offer.
The game of spot the ball is by no means a new innovation, but this new site is bringing the competition to the internet with an honest and transparent approach which should ensure enjoyment for all and a good chance of winning for many.

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