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Friday, 29 October 2010

England V France

17th November 2010 at Wembley - I don't suppose the manager will be considering Beckham unless there is a real injury problem in midfield, but I wonder if he is aware that Beckham has already netted twice this month for The Galaxy?
England will need to step up the pace against France, although both teams seriously under-performed at the World Cup - with France taking a very early exit and 'imploding' very publicly.
When you consider recent form, this might actually be a good chance for England to pick up a decent win to take forward into the Euro qualifiers. The game is a friendly of course, so the result will count for nothing but pride - however pride seems to be what this team needs right now. I would be delighted if the chance were offered to Beckham, after all... few do 'pride' better than he, but I won't hold my breath especially as LA will be hoping to be progressing through the play-offs in two weeks time...

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