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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Werder Bremen 1 AC Milan 1

With Beckham struggling after the disappointing game against Inter, he was missing from the starting line up for the first time since he has been available to AC Milan. This is what could be a crucial week for negotiations between Milan and LA Galaxy and the MLS. There are two weeks to go before Beckham must return, and although he has said he will be professional about it if he must return, it is surely in his and Milan's interest to make sure he stays in Italy.

A good first half ensued in a game which Milan were expected to win, with Inzaghi taking Milan into a 1-0 lead after 36 minutes. Milan 'keeper, Dida did not look that comfortable in the game, but the Milan defence were solid as usual, despite lacking Maldini who cannot realistically be played in three top-flight games in a week at the grand old age of 40.

Beckham resumed his position on the bench for the second half whilst Bremen started brightly and with real intent, threatening the Milan goal from the whistle. Before an hour of the game had passed, Beckham was out warming up on the sidelines, whilst Bremen continued to press a shaky looking Dida in the Milan goal. On 57 minutes, Milan and Inzaghi in particular had a good few chances of their own. On 65 minutes Inzaghi was bearing down on goal after receiving a glorious pass, but managed to rattle the woodwork when he should have been collecting plaudits for a second goal of the night. The game got a little scrappy as Milan defended their goal with more enthusiasm than skill.

On 83 minutes the pressure from Werder Bremen paid off when Diego who had been worrying the defence all the way through the game had a clear shot on goal leaving Dida as a woeful observer.
Beckham joined the game for the last few minutes just as Bremen looked like they would score again, striking the crossbar from a free kick. the game ended 1-1, but Milan will be happy to bring Werder Bremen back to the San Siro to prove their superiority.

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