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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Lazio 0 Milan 3

AC Milan's local rivals Inter Milan lead Serie A, and todays win takes AC into second place six points behind Inter as Inter only managed a draw against Torino on Saturday.
Despite concerns that he may be carrying an injury, this was a great game for Beckham. Even though he didn't manage to get onto the scoresheet this time, he is credited with creating two of the three Milan goals.
The first goal came late in the first half when Beckham crossed to Pato who against the run of play, unerringly took his tenth goal of the season. Not long after, Beckham and Pato repeated the trick (this time Pato used his head brilliantly..) but the effort was ruled out for offside. Thus ended the first half...
Within the first minute of the second half, a foul on Beckham gave Milan a free kick. Beckham took the kick and placed it on the unmarked head of Ambrosini for goal number two. Lazio lost the impetus and fight that they had demonstrated in the first half as Milan piled on the pressure. Beckham was in fine form orchestrating, showing professionalism and enthusiasm and giving possibly his best display since arriving in Italy.
In the final ten minutes, Lazio pushed forward allowing Seedorf and Kaka to combine on the break, Kaka calmly and easily taking his chance to make it 3 -0 to the visitors.

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