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Saturday, 17 January 2009

AC Milan 1 AC Fiorentina 0

Once more, Pato was on target for Milan this time within the first ten minutes for the only goal of the match. As promised, Beckham started the game and this time with Ronaldinho on the bench, stood a better chance of getting a chance to take the odd free-kick.
Beckham seemed to be the nominated corner-taker from both left and right side and consistently delivered good corners, though the in-swinging cross from the right-hand side that we know and love was notable for it's absence.
The game was even-handed if not in Milan's favour for the first hour but after that things started to get heated in the Milan penalty area and the keeper was called upon to keep them in the game - it was about this time that Flamini was warmed up and we wondered if Beckham would be removed, but it was Seedorf that gave way and Beckham moved into more of a central role.
Fiorentina continued to push for the elusive equaliser, but Milan managed to resist their advances.
Ronaldinho finally took to the field on 77 minutes to replace in-form goal-scorer Pato and Senderos came on for Becham on 80 minutes. All in all it was another competent performance from Beckham who still looks at home in this set up and hopefully will be able to bring a little more to the table when he finds his feet properly and finds the right-handed cross...
It seemed poignant that Kaka made a point of going round all his team-mates after the game, and kept both the match ball and his Milan shirt - for the last time perhaps??

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