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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Beckham in training with Milan

Beckham has been assessed at training camp and found to basically fit enough to play for another five or six seasons with some alterations to his training regime required according to the AC Milan doctors. This underlines the AC Milan master-plan to try to keep Beckham in Italy beyond his loan deal or entice him to leave after the very next MLS season.
The assessment concludes that he will require two or three weeks work to get him to Milan’s ‘required level’. The Milan schedule includes a friendly in Hamburg on 6th January and a league game against AS Roma on 11th January. The club already maintains Paolo Maldini at the rare old age of 40 and is adept at keeping one of the most elderly squads in Europe match-fit.
Beckham's immediate priority however will be to impress England manager Fabio Capello to ensure he gets a fair chance of taking part in the rest of the build-up to the next World Cup.

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