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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Beckham not in Uefa squad

It has been revealed that Carlo Ancelotti has not included Beckhams name in his Uefa squad leading to speculation that he may be returning to LA after all. Although officially listed as a Milan player until June for logistical reasons, there exists a 'gentlemans agreement' that will see him start for Galaxy in March. Amidst all the speculation finally a story about it appeared on the LA Galaxy site, a story that combined all the fantastic rumours about potential purchases with the possibility that either or both Beckham or Donovan would not return from their 'loan' periods in Europe.
I imagine the strategy behind lumping these stories together was to illustrate that each of the 'rumours' were equally unlikely. The rumours line up like this:
  • Beckham to stay at Milan where he is clearly wanted and clearly wants to stay
  • Donovan to stay with Bayern Munich where he has scored goals in exhibition matches, impressed Klinsmann and stated categorically that he wants to stay.
  • Players rumoured to being sought by The Galaxy include Michael Owen and Del Piero
Actually Michael Owen would make a good replacement for Landon Donovan and might be an interesting prospect to play alongside Beckham, but I imagine that he would only be interested if he truly thought his England career was over and I don't think that is anything like a certainty. Bruce Arena also joked about looking for a job for himself at Chelsea, but despite the humour I imagine he and The Galaxy are rattled by the prospect of losing two star players to Europe. A dozen new players have come into The Galaxy during the break, but whether last years failure can be turned into success in 2009 is in the balance.

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