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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Beckham will start for AC Milan again

With Man City apparently willing to raise the price tag for Kaka close to quarter of a billion pounds sterling, the pressure is off Beckham at Milan.
Beckham will start again for Milan in their match against AC Fiorentina today. "Beckham will play from the first minute," Milan Coach Carlo Ancelotti said after training on Friday.

Getting top notch games under his belt is exactly what he needs and will to go some way to convince Capello that he is ready to take his place in the England squad. So far we have heard Beckham say how happy he is at Milan (perhaps in contrast to how he has felt in LA??). He has talked publicly about how much he loves Man United, how he fell in love with Real Madrid and now his heart has been stolen by Milan, markedly omitting to speak of his love for the club he is currently contracted to in Los Angeles… Reading between the lines (and that is all I am doing…) it strengthens the growing feeling for me that Beckham will not be making that return trip back across the Atlantic.

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