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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Will Beckham return to the Galaxy

With his first successful outing as a Milan player, speculation is now building about whether David Beckham will want to go back to Los Angeles to see out his Galaxy contract. There is still no official acknowledgment on the Galaxy website that Beckham is even on loan at all, yet they were happy to publicise Landon Donovan's loan period in Germany.
The tight-lipped approach from LA, and Donovan's public (if not now rather hypocritical) criticism of Beckham seems to indicate that all is not well between Becks and the Galaxy. This on top of the embarrasing withdrawal from the publicity game that was to be played in Australia in December. When Becks was not going to be available, no-one in Australia would have turned out to see The Galaxy so the game had to be 'postponed'.
With tight controls on the soccer 'employees' in the US, it is not unreasonable to suppose that The Galaxy had not the experience to cope with a demanding global superstar dropped into the middle of their comparatively docile team. Beckham has crossed alex Ferguson and left to go to Madrid, he crossed Capello at Madrid and left to play in LA - who is to say that the accord between Beckham and his Galaxy paymasters has not come to an end?
This is not new speculation, but we can now add to this with repeated assurances from Milan that they want Beckham to stay, Beckhams impressive return to fitness and the desire by fans and players alike to have Beckham in the team. The understanding was that David would be able to play maybe 45 or 60 minutes on Sunday, but he felt fit and strong and showed tremendous desire. Serie A did not prove to be too tough a task for him and honestly it looked like the style of play would suit him quite well. The Italian league seems less physical than the EPL and arguably less physical than the MLS, plus at Milan he is only one of many targets with Kaka and Ronaldinho amongst the stars playing alongside him.
What would you do?
  • Give the MLS another shot in the hope that something can be acheived with The Galaxy in the next season?
  • Cut your losses and accept the hand of friendship extended by Milan?
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