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Monday, 28 June 2010

Beckham for England...

Speculation is now rife as to whether Capello will be required to relinquish his position as England manager. Some sources are even saying that it is not impossible that Beckham will be asked to be part of a new regime - my own feeling is that this is highly unlikely as he will still want to be involved on the pitch for the upcoming European qualifiers. He also has a committment to LA Galaxy and longer term plans with the MLS to consider.

I am also not of the opinion that we should just throw Cappello out on the basis of the World Cup performance unless we have identified that it is Cappello's regime that was at fault as opposed to the molly-coddled players not being 'happy' simply because they have been asked to toe the line. I honestly feel that a bunch of players more committed to the cause and more prepared to make sacrifices for the nation would have fared a lot better under Capello - I would be willing to bet that had the German side been managed by Capello, they would have still beaten us. If that is the case, we must conclude that maybe the players cannot take direction or simply lack the leadership that encourages them to buckle down and perform for the manager.

Maybe it is a mistake to allow the squad to donate their fees to charity - we cannot slate them for taking the money, they are allowed to feel that they are performing our of some sense of charity and therefore are no longer obliged to put heart and soul into the game. It's an admirable gesture, but maybe short-sighted - I would prefer a player to take the money and feel obliged to perform accordingly. My feeling is that some of these players think it's all about them (as they are taught by the adulation we heap on them), we need some players who know that it's all about the team. Even Rooney who normally comes across as a kid who loves the game, is known to be petulant particularly about being substituted - whereas the feeling of privelege for being in the team in the first place should be the over-riding sentiment of any player.

I have a feeling that Capello will go, and I for one will be sad to see it, especially as he had just signed up for a deal that we see him well-rewarded for being sacked. It's not just that issue that rankles though, it's the issue that I think Cappello's no-nonsense regime was the right course, it's just that within this set of players resides the attitude that 'if I don't like it, I don't have to listen' - which has been fostered by the status of the Premiership in world football, their superstar status and superstar wages....

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