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Monday, 14 June 2010

England have an uphill task ahead..

There are two certainties that we take with us through the week until it is time to face Algeria on Friday:
  1. England are capable of doing better
  2. No game is a forgone conclusion
England and Capello face some tricky barriers this week - none so pronounced as what to do about Rob Green... No England keepeer of the modern era has proved themselves immune to identical errors, yet somehow confidence has to be restored in the man and in the team. It is almost certain that David James will have to start the next match even though he is no stanger to seemingly mindless errors himself.
James will inspire confidence in the defence, Rob Green despite the fact that such an errror is unlikley to recurr, will need to gather his thoughts and move on - but this is not the time to play mind-games, his rehabilitation is not Capello's concern whilst he has 'keepers that are fit and ready to step into the breach.
It is time to reflect and look at the consequences of a draw with the US - there is now a very real chance that England may qualify for the next round in second place, which will most likely mean a meeting with Germany - whilst we might normally relish a clash with the Germans, right now our fragile defence can hardly be considered ready to meet the challenge. All we can do now is go at the next two games and get as many goals as we can to ensure that we meet the runners up from Group D rather than the winners.

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