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Friday, 18 June 2010

England 0 Algeria 0

With only one win (Slovenia) in their group to date, England had a prime opportunity to stamp their authoity on the World Cup, an opportunity that was squandered with what can only be described as an uninspired and uninspiring performance. From the dug-out, the manager was perplexed as was Beckham in his smartly pressed suit.

Even Rooney seemed not to care whether England put in a performance, content to shoot from range, and seemingly content to lose the ball after a bad touch without much hope of getting it back again... James stood up well in goal, there was a punch that went a little awry, but in circumstances where he was unprotected by his defenders, I think that is forgivable. There was a poignant moment towards the end of the first half when a local bird, a little like a scruffy brown pigeon, decided to perch on the Algerian goal presumably safe in the knowledge that it would not be troubled by balls flying into the net from the England team. The pigeon was right, it is difficlt to find words or excuses for such a seemingy lacklustre performance - all I can say is... one more chance, that's all otherwise it is USA and Slovenia going through to the next round...

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