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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Beckham News

Well unless you have been living under a rock for the last few months, you will know that David Beckham got injured in March this year, and the World Cup is now well and truly under way without Beckham as a player.
In case you have been under a rock or living without Sky News, the BBC and CNN... I will do my best to bring you up to date. Beckham has joined Fabio Capello's back-room staff in South Africa and has been giving individual coaching, advice and encouragement to the team. He was there for the Wembley warm up against Mexico, but did not travel to the Austrian pre-tournamant training camp, instead opting to visit British Troops in Afghanistan.
He arrived in South Africa on the same day as the England team to resume his role as mentor and liaison for the England team. Of course, Capello is well aware of what Beckham has to offer having managed him when they were both at Madrid. Beckham does not have any official coaching 'badges' so he cannot be part of the technical coaching staff as such, nevertheless the presence of the ex-captain is no doubt appreciated by the players.
England have faltered against the USA, and face Algeria in a few days time - there can be no more slip-ups, emphatic wins in the next two games are vital to qualify, and hopefully win the group thus avoiding Germany in the next round. I don't mind admitting that I don't think England are ready to meet the German team just yet, especially after their emphatic win against Australia...
Naturally, this blog is struggling for actual 'Beckham' news at the moment, so we will follow the progress of England through the World Cup, and then concentrate on Beckham's rehabilitation back in LA, through to the European qualifiers in which Beckham now hopes to have a pivotal role as a player once more - and to be honest, on current showing, he is sorely missed.

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