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Monday, 7 June 2010

Platinum Stars 0 England 3

England 1 - 0 up through Defoe after 3 minutes, Platinum Starts won a (fairly questionable) penalty which they missed... replays show little reason for awarding a penalty.
10 changes in the second half...
Rooney got booked after about 15 mins - almost inevitable, he doesn't do 'friendly'...
Joe Cole scores a second goal for England, Rooney is over-generous in the box, passing to Heskey who wanted too much time when he could have blasted it in himself...
Never mind, Rooney took a nice half-volley on the canter and bagged himself a goal anyway... 3 -0 to England.
Ashley Cole wastes a chance to make it four in the closing seconds, cutting inside and dragging it wide with his less-favoured right foot.
In conclusion, it was probably a useful exercise, but everyone is relieved not to see any dramatic injuries - the start showed a lot of the pace that Capello has been promising us, but we are still left wondering what the line-up will be on Saturday. Crouch, Defoe and Gerrard combined in the first half with back-up from Joe Cole Wright-Phillips and Lampard- Rooney, Joe Cole and Heskey with Lennon and Milner in support were on show in the second half. I think Joe Cole was the only player to remain on the pitch throughout the match - I guess Capello feels he needs the game time.

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