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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Germany 4 England 1

The thing we feared all along as happened, England were found wanting despite the excuse of an appalling decision over a disallowed Frank Lampard goal. When faced with a quality side, although able to show some degree of class and control, over the full ninety minutes this team just didn't have what it takes to compete at this level.
Germany started well, but were able to exploit England's defensive weaknesses (which to be fair any class side should), and these were weaknesses that have been present right through the qualifying campaign.
One goal down after 20 minutes, and two after half an hour England seemed to be on the ropes. Matthew Upson (arguably culpable in the first goal) gave England hope with a headed goal from a corner just five minutes later. Almost immediately after that Lampard had scored lofting the ball over the keeper, striking the underside of the cross bar and crossing the line before bouncing back. Everyone in the stadium saw it, it seems.. other than the referee and his assistants. We have all seen those 'did it - didn't it?' scenarios when there is a debate about whether the ALL of the ball was over ALL of the line - in this case there was no need for debate, the ball was several feet over the line yet incredibly, the ref waved play on... Germany did and almost had the ball in the other net...
Half time came and went, the same side (the one that started against Slovenia) resumed with some small hope. Later in the half a few changes were made to try and force another goal although Heskey coming on for Defoe, and Sean Wright Phillips for Glen Johnston (?) still make you wonder about how Capellos mind works. Needless to say, England's cautious moves forward left them very much wanting at the back - a fact that Germany took full advantage of, twice steaming down their left flank leaving defenders in their wake and scoring another two times with well-taken and scantly-defended goals.
A re-think is clearly needed, England need to go back to the drawing board and learn how to defend, only a solid defence will stand you in good stead at this level, the strikers cannot always be relied on, you need something to fall back on - something that England at this moment just do not have...

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