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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Beckham for Tottenham ?

However unlikely it may have seemed a few weeks ago, there are suddenly a whole host of reasons why David Beckham could sign a loan deal with Tottenham Hotspur and Harry Redknapp.
Now that Sir Alex has bowed out, Beckham may be about to make a U-turn on his Manchester pledge (only to return to the Premier League in the red strip of Manchester United).
These are the poignant facts about a move to White Hart Lane:
  • Redknapp tried before to sign Beckham on loan just last year
  • Beckham will not come with huge salary demands - he will come to work hard and play football
  • Beckham already has a mansion not 25 miles away from Spurs HQ
  • His beloved Grandfather was a lifelong 'Spurs fan
  • David attended the 'Spurs academy from the age of 10 before signing for Manchester United aged just 14
  • 'Spurs would benefit from the addition to their squad who have domestic and European ambition
  • 'Spurs coffers would undoubtedly benefit from Beckham's undisputed 'earning power'
The Galaxy have yet to formally agree to a loan signing, but will probably put up little resistance as long as Beckham agrees to return to Los Angeles in March for pre-season training. They know that a determined Beckham is not worth arguing with... It's not about shirt sales, it's about pushing the England manager to the point where he has to consider Beckham for a return to the England squad. This is by no means a done deal, it is pure speculation at this point, but quite a tantalising speculation from my point of view.
We will continue to bring news of any new developments in this area.

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