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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Beckham won't play for 'Spurs

LA Galaxy have insisted Beckham be back in the US by early February which has scuppered any chances of getting insurance for him to play for what would effectively be just three weeks. According to Tottenham, Beckham will be able to train with them and provide a presence behind the scenes, but it is highly unlikely now that he will step onto the field to represent the Premier league team.

This has to be a disappointment to both parties, and whether the England manager will consider Beckham for another international on this basis is unknown. Also whether this will cause a problem between Beckham and The Galaxy (and the fans) also remains to be seen.

I am surprised at this outcome, and I suspect that it was The Galaxy's intention to sink the deal given the details of this story. They have left it too late for Beckham to seek another loan, yet they have made this Spurs loan a non-starter.

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