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Monday, 10 January 2011

Beckham goes for medical at 'Spurs

Contrary to the report yesterday that Beckham would not be able to appear for Tottenham, it now appears that the deal is not yet sunk... When interviewed after the FA Cup match yesterday, Harry Redknapp was still hopeful that a deal could be done. The stories about insurance appear to be a fiction, I would be very surprised if there was a financial block as Beckham would be quite prepared to dip into his own vast pockets to help finance the deal if necessary, as he did previously with Milan.

Looks like the Galaxy are once again playing hard-ball in negotiations, and as long as 'Spurs and/or Beckham can foot the bill, he may well be able to remain with Spurs until March. The same to-and-fro negotiations took place when Beckham first went to Milan, and once the money was sorted - the deal was done.

On the one hand, they obviously don't want Beckham to injure himself, but on the other, a couple of months in the acknowledged best league in the world is going to do more for his fitness than a MLS pre-season training camp. Added to which, Beckham playing in the EPL ultimately generates more interest in the MLS - even if some of that interest is from Galaxy fans who are annoyed with Beckham, all publicity is good publicity at the end of the day.

To those who think Beckham is not loyal, you have to ask why he is at pains to remain playing football even when he should be resting. Is it for financial gain? Of course not, Beckham is one of the very richest men in sport today, even Harry Redknapp recently questioned whether David might actually be a billionaire and in a position to buy a Premiership team outright by himself. Is it for publicity? again.. of course not, Beckham sneezes and cameras click - he does not have to take to the sporting arena - in fact he would probably get plenty of coverage turning up at basketball games, going shopping with his family or any other mundane task that gets the Paparazzi so excited.

So why is it that David Beckham pushes himself to the physical limit, to carry on playing football in the toughest leagues in the world when all his team mates are on holiday?
Firstly he loves the game and wants to carry on playing while he still can. He loves the challenge of playing first class football at the age of 36. He want to impress the England manager enough to get back into the England squad. He has enough funds to make this happen when finance becomes a barrier, he has enough determination to put playing for his country at the very top of his agenda. And some call that disloyal? Get real - you sign David Beckham and you sign one of the most determined men in sport - the MLS knew this when they signed him. If the Galaxy fans didn't know this before he came to LA, then they misunderstand the situation. When Beckham steps onto the field in Galaxy colours, he gives 110% - the rest of the time, he devotes his efforts to trying to get back into the England squad. If you want one of those players that 'retires' from international football when the team set up does not suit him, sign Thierry Henry...

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