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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Beckham in training

Beckham is hard at work training with the 'Spurs team in the hope that he will get the chance to take to the field with his new team, especially if that chance comes against his old team this weekend.
The Man United fixture looms with no definitive word on whether the contractual obligations have been worked out.

In the meantime, he is getting re-acquainted with old international team-mates Peter Crouch (pictured), Aaron Lennon and Defoe amongst others.

In other news, fellow MLS player Thierry Henry is back at Arsenal training with the team to keep his fitness levels up during the MLS off-season.
In the furore surrounding Beckham's move to 'Spurs, few seem to have noticed Thierry slipping in the back door at The Emirates. However, the plan is that he only train with the squad, he will not be taking the field in any competitive capacity.

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