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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Latest on Beckham coming to Spurs

Apparently Beckham is set to join Harry Redknapps 'Spurs team on £120,000 a week for a loan spell - details are being thrashed out with LA Galaxy.
The main interest is around the possibility that Becks could be in the team to face Man United on 16th January - although whether they will play him that soon remains to be seen. Beckham has not faced a team of this calibre for a long time - whether he is up to speed has yet to be established - however his commitment is not in question...

Still speculation as yet, but the facts seem to be that Harry is willing and David is willing - the chances are that The Galaxy will have to accede to David's wishes (again...). This will need to be sorted in the next few days to make the loan worthwhile to both parties - I suspect that this could be very close to a 'done deal'.

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