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Friday, 14 January 2011

Beckham won't play this weekend

With Harry suggesting Becks needs two weeks to be 'match-fit', and The Galaxy apparently digging their heels in about a Feb 10th return date, there is no chance that he will play against Man Utd this weekend at White Hart Lane.

According to Harry, he would be match fit only a couple of weeks before having to return to the States for pre-season training, and under the circumstances the 'loan' idea just won't work.

Beckham will be still able to train with the squad, but this helps no-one in reality. He will return to LA fully fit and raring to go, just in time to start.... pre-season training. What this training will be able to add to Beckhams time spent training with a Premiership club could be measured in a thimble... It's a pity that this opportunity may be missed if The Galaxy don't lower their expectations a little. If they want Beckham to co-operate, surely a little leeway given to the player now, would give them some leverage when he returns? The other side of the coin of course is they must realise what this means to Beckham, and to spoil the chance is not going to increase what their fans are calling his 'loyalty'....

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